The book lover's Chronicles

I love reading... I might not be the fastest reader and I can take a long time to read a book but I love being transported in a book and trying to understand, grow to love and befriend the characters in the different stories that I discover. I love that you can move from world to world in a second and unravel new adventures. The bottom line is I'm a passionate reader and I love books!

Reading slump

Honestly I thought that when it was finally summer and I had no more classes or exams that I would definitely read more. However, I don't have class anymore and I have all the time in the world and I'm still not reading much. Actually I was reading more back when I was in school. I really want to read I get all excited about reading and then I remember something I saw on the internet , or a youtube video I really want to see or watching a new episode of Gilmore Girls (my new old obsession).  


Then I watched this video by Amira ( and apparently she's in the same slump as me. She suggested a couple of things that I found very useful. 

1- To set a goal. 
She was talking about setting a goal of books you want to read during the summer however I'm going to set a daily amount of pages I want to read. 
2- Read shorter book. 
I'm going to try reading a couple of light reads nothing too complicated and more on the lines of beach reads.

3- To read outside.

Here in Montreal the weather hasn't been that great and it's been raining for about a week but I decided to go read in a cafe and get out of the house where there is no internet connection or a tv to distract me. 


I hope I'll finally be able to get through my current book. 


Is someone out there relating to the way I feel about reading?